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How to build a curing shed for charcuterie

Ever since we became interested in making charcuterie the issue of the precise way to dry the salami, chorizo, and hams has been a critical part of the plan. When we made the decision to sell our produce commercially, one … Continue reading

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“Are we going to to Cotswold food fayre…”

May is food fair month, so much so that for research purposes (honestly), we are visiting three in three weeks. The fairs are billed as  a chance for local food providers to show off their produce, and so we trotted … Continue reading

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Blood is thicker than water

Blood seems to have acquired a negative connotation in cooking in the last few years. Despite the huge amount of iron, and other valuable minerals in blood, getting hold of it is becoming harder and harder. On more than one occasion … Continue reading

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Transforming the pig

Taking a whole pig fresh from the abattoir, and transforming it into the various meat produce we are interested in, is hard work. We started on Wednesday, collecting the pig at noon. As well as our pig, with head and … Continue reading

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Visiting the pig

We are really excited about the charcuterie we are about to start producing. In early February I had identified an old spot at an auction near Cirencester. It was mid-sized (around 35 kg) so needed to grow on before it … Continue reading

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Pastrami and corned beef

Many years ago I visited New York and in a bar wanted sandwiches. Thinking of England I ordered two sandwiches, ham and pastrami on rye. The barman looked at me – “god bless your appetite sir”. Both came with two … Continue reading

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March meats

While we were waiting for the pig we warmed up with some ox tongue and Pastrami. The ox tongue has all gone but we can make more to order. Pastrami (thin sliced) is available at £4 for 200gm packs. We … Continue reading

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