Visiting the pig

We are really excited about the charcuterie we are about to start producing. In early February I had identified an old spot at an auction near Cirencester. It was mid-sized (around 35 kg) so needed to grow on before it was perfect for the salami, air-dried ham, and chorizo we will be producing. A lovely couple called Sue and Simon are doing this for us, and last week we went to visit our pig.

Unlike a lot of farm pork ours is fed on a slow feed. This is more expensive, but the resultant meat quality is higher.  Ours is the one with the red spot, beautiful isn’t she! The pigs will spend another two weeks trashing their small bit of field until they have a nice layer of the hard back fat which so important to our produce. In late March she will go off to the abattoir. By then she will have bulked up to over 60kg.

We are using a very small abattoir for two reasons. The killing is done quickly and there is no hanging about, and this abattoir is happy to keep for us the blood and all of the insides so we don’t waste anything. Not only we will be making charcuterie, but also black pudding, brawn, and liver pate.

When we left our pig we felt very excited about the next stage; stay and  tuned for the next blog where our pig will look very different.

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  1. Bob says:

    Splendid – excellent blog. Bob

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